Hi! I’m Susan. I have a passion for helping others reclaim their health and getting their “sass” back! I became a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and AIP Certified Coach after my own chronic health issues had me almost bed-ridden. When I changed my diet and lifestyle I regained my life! I want to help you get your life back, or maybe find it! I enjoy more energy, no brain fog, weight loss and no more pain. I invite you to come and find out what a nutrient-dense diet and lifestyle changes can do for you!

Whether you are looking for a quick and Simple Cleanse, a little bit deeper Restart or a full on Autoimmune Lifestyle Program you have come to the right place. Check out the different classes offered and pick the one that is right for you. Then get ready for a journey into better health!

A Simple Cleanse

This 5 day detox is for beginners or anyone who would like to reset their body and their eating habits. You will receive recipes, complete shopping lists, support and guidance through the cleanse.

Excellent! Inspiring! Eye Opening! Life Changing!
These are some of the words that RESTART participants have used to describe their experiences with this program. The RESTART Program is a five week class led by a qualified Holistic Nutrition Professional. It combines the simple elements of an up-to-date nutrition education, a guided 3-week sugar detox (aka Real Food Challenge), with small group support, into a powerful way to kickstart a new healthy lifestyle. It’s truly an empowering combination!

The AIP Lifestyle Program

The AIP Lifestyle Program is a 6 week program led by a qualified Holistic Nutrition Professional who will walk you through an easy transition into the autoimmune protocol. This protocol is designed to eliminate foods that are known allergens, inflammatory and immune system & hormone disruptors.

You will also learn about healthy nutrition, digestion, sleep, movement and so much more within a small group. Support and accountability in your small group truly help with the transition process.

The AIP Lifestyle Program is for anyone who has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or you suspect you may have one. It is also great for those who have done the Restart program and want to work on a few more eliminations to check for food sensitivities.