The AIP Lifestyle Program

The AIP Lifestyle Program is a 6-week program that walks you through an easy transition into the Autoimmune Protocol. This protocol is designed to eliminate foods that are known allergens, inflammatory and immune system & hormone disruptors.

You will also learn about healthy nutrition, digestion, sleep, movement and so much more within a small group. Support and accountability in your small-group private FaceBook page truly helps with the transition process.

The AIP Lifestyle Program is for anyone who has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or you suspect you may have one. It is also perfect for anyone looking to simply improve their health! Come learn how to support your body through nutrition and lifestyle and see how this support promotes healing in your body!

What to expect each week:

Week 1: This is your preparation week! You will receive materials that will help you throughout the program, such as pantry clean-out guides, batch-cooking tips and how to avoid certain foods. In addition, you will learn about foods and spices to incorporate. You will also learn about healthy fats, what they are and why you need them.

Week 2: This week you will do some more work in the pantry. You’ll also be learning about digestion and elimination, and why they are important! Learn how to check your transit time and more!

Week 3: You guessed it! More pantry prep. Learn how stress can be a major influence on your health and why hydration is critical to good health and healing. You’ll also learn about probiotic drinks to include in your protocol.

Week 4: There’s a little more work to be done in the pantry. You’ll hear about blood sugar regulation this week as well as learning about fermented foods to incorporate into your routine.

Week 5: This is the last pantry clean out!!! This week you’ll be learning why sleep is so important and how movement, even a little, can really help your body function well.

Week 6: Congratulations! You are now fully compliant with the Autoimmune Protocol. That’s a BIG deal!! Let’s celebrate and talk about the reintroduction process. You’ll also learn about possible food reactions and FODMAP and histamine issues.

What people are saying:

Just wanted to thank you for the AIP class. This is a God send for me and my husband. And a brilliant idea for making the changes necessary to implement the AI protocol… We’ve both seen some wonderful changes with this diet. We’re both sleeping better and experiencing a general feeling of well-being. Hip piriformis syndrome with exertion for 25 years is nearly gone, bi-lateral hip pain and R sciatica went away after 4 days off of dairy! We both have lost a little weight, the main point is my gall bladder and not a peep out of it this whole time. Dandruff has disappeared, skin is less dry and ruddy looking. And this is due to the AIP!
Corinne B.

The AIP Lifestyle Program is the perfect way to jump start your health! You will gain both helpful tips to make following the AIP accessible and social support as you begin this journey. Susan has a deep understanding of the AIP lifestyle and it’s benefits, after having lived through them herself. She is inspirational, knowledgeable, and very kind, going the extra mile to ensure all my questions were answered. I am beyond grateful to have been a part of this program, as it allowed me to improve my autoimmune condition and have a higher quality of life!
Suzanne S.

The AIP Lifestyle Program
Next Class Begins Monday, July 1, 2024
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7/1 7:00-8:30 PM EST
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7/22 7:00-8:30 PM EST
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8/5 7:00-8:30 PM EST
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