About Susan

Hi! I’m Susan. I have a passion for helping others reclaim their health and getting their “sass” back! I became a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and AIP Certified Coach after my own chronic health issues had me almost bed-ridden. When I changed my diet and lifestyle I regained my life! I want to help you get your life back, or maybe find it! I enjoy more energy, no brain fog, weight loss and no more pain. I invite you to come and find out what a nutrient-dense diet and lifestyle changes can do for you!

My health journey began when my husband decided he should try going gluten free. I was excited to help him figure out what was causing some health issues he was experiencing. We did great and he was feeling much better but thought he might try getting rid of dairy products as well. Everything was going well until my sweet husband found a natural supplement that would “allow” him to eat gluten. I will say that it helped him a little bit but I did not do very well.

What was going on? I wasn’t even the one with the issues! We were on vacation and indulged in way too many glutenous treats. About a week later I began having moderate to severe joint pain. I could not stay in bed in the morning, it hurt too much. Lifting my arms to brush my hair or shower… was becoming a real problem. After seeing nodules begin to form on my thumbs I got tested for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Wow! Positive markers for RA and possible Fibromyalgia.

At this point I was pretty much out of commission. I began researching and found The Paleo Mom! What an incredible site, there is so much information on her site! I decided to try doing the Autoimmune Protocol. After 4 days my pain was almost entirely gone! I stayed on the protocol for 5 months. Allergies were gone, pain was gone and to my great surprise my Chiari 1 Malformation issues were doing much much better! I had my life back! I have been reintroducing foods very slowly. I’m very happy with where I’m at right now.

My amazingly wonderful husband, who actually started this journey, has been my rock! His health has been so much better and we both lost a good amount of weight (50 lbs for him, ~30 lbs for me) without really trying. We changed our diet and our lifestyle and we’ll never go back! I would love to help you find your way back to good health! You do not have to “go it alone”, I will be there to support you all the way!